America's 'drug infested dens' a national emergency?

Trump argues he won New Hampshire because it is a 'drug-infested den'
August 07, 2017 | 03:02 pm / iStock
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Last Monday the White House commission examining the nation's opioid epidemic, headed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, released its interim report that says President Donald Trump should declare an emergency because "our citizens are dying."

The recommendation that Trump declare a national public health emergency over the growing opioid crisis is long overdue and a welcome relief, according to medical professionals and those battling the epidemic on the front lines. But some worry the administration may not follow through on campaign promises to address the opioid crisis, and they express concern that the recent evidence-based treatment recommendations are at odds with the Justice Department's new war on drugs.
Trump argues he won New Hampshire because it is a 'drug-infested den'
More controversy swirled after it was reported that Trump labeled New Hampshire "a drug-infested den," in a conversation with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, according to a transcript of Trump's January 27 call that was published by The Washington Post. In 2015, New Hampshire recorded 397 deaths caused by opioids, according to the New Hampshire Department of Safety. In terms of the rate of all drug-related deaths, New Hampshire ranks second among states behind West Virginia, according to the most recent dataavailable from the CDC.

Of the White House commission's recommendation, "I was really pleased to see the news. It's overdue," said Dr. Guohua Li, a professor of epidemiology and anesthesiology at Columbia University who has been studying the epidemic for over a decade. "If the president declares the opioid epidemic as a national public health emergency, it means every state health department, local government and the federal government would treat this as the top priority."

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